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Age-Dependent Changes in Synaptic NMDA Receptor Composition in Adult Human Cortical Neurons. Chrysia M Pegasiou, Ardalan Zolnourian, Diego Gomez-Nicola, Katrin Deinhardt, James A R Nicoll, Aminul I Ahmed, Girish Vajramani, Paul Grundy, Matthijs B Verhoog, Huibert D Mansvelder, V H Perry, Diederik Bulters, Mariana Vargas-Caballero Cerebral Cortex, (web link free download)

A primate-specific short GluN2A-NMDA receptor isoform is expressed in the human brain.
Hannah Warming, Chrysia-Maria Pegasiou, Aleksandra P. Pitera, Hanna Kariis, Steven D. Houghton, Ksenia Kurbatskaya, Aminul Ahmed, Paul Grundy, Girish Vajramani, Diederik Bulters, Xavier Altafaj, Katrin Deinhardt and Mariana Vargas-Caballero. 2019. Molecular Brain 12:64. (Web)

Emergence of synaptic and cognitive impairment in a mature-onset APP mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.
Sri, S., Pegasiou, C-M., Cave, C-A., Hough, K., Wood, N., Gomez-Nicola, D., Deinhardt, K., Bannerman, D., Perry V. H., Vargas-Caballero, M. (2019). Acta Neuropathologica Communications. (Web)

Wild-type, but not mutant N296H, human tau restores Ab-mediated inhibition of LTP in Tau-/- Mice.
Vargas-Caballero, M., Denk, F., Wobst, H. J., Arch, E., Pegasiou, C.-M., Oliver, P. L., Shipton, O. A., Paulsen O., Wade-Martins, R. (2017). Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2017 (pdf)

Stochastic and deterministic dynamics of intrinsically irregular firing in cortical inhibitory interneurons.
Mendonça P, Vargas-Caballero M, Erdélyi F, Szabó G, Paulsen O, and Robinson HPC.
eLife. 2016 (Pubmed)(Web)

The use of human neurons for novel drug discovery in dementia research.
Vargas-Caballero M, Willaime-Morawek S, Gomez-Nicola D, Perry V. H, Bulters D and Mudher A. Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery. 2016 (Pubmed)(pdf)

Pharmacological targeting of CSF1R inhibits microglial proliferation and prevents the progression of Alzheimer’s-like pathology.
Olmos-Alonso, A., Schetters, S.T.T., Sri, S., Askew, K., Mancuso, R., Vargas-Caballero, M., Holscher, C., Perry, V.H. and Gomez-Nicola, D. Brain. 2016 (Pubmed)

Temporal dynamics of hippocampal neurogenesis in chronic neurodegeneration
Gómez-Nicola, Diego, Suzzi, Stefano, Vargas-Caballero, Mariana, Fransen, Nina L., Al-Malki, Hussain, Cebrian-silla, A., García-verdugo , Jm, Riecken, K., Fehse, B. and Perry, V. Hugh. Brain. 2014. (Pubmed)

Tau protein is required for amyloid beta-induced impairment of hippocampal long-term potentiation
Shipton, Olivia A., Leitz, Julie R., Dworzak, Jenny, Acton, Christine E.J., Tunbridge, Elizabeth M., Denk, Franziska, Dawson, Hana N., Vitek, Michael P., Wade-Martins, Richard, Paulsen, Ole and Vargas-Caballero, Mariana. Journal of Neuroscience.  2011. (Pubmed)

PhD Thesis at University of Cambridge repository Apollo.
Vargas-Caballero, M. (2004). NMDA receptor kinetics and synaptic integration in cortical pyramidal neurons.

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